General Election 2024 Advans

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The Scotland Matters “Tactical Vote The SNP Out” campaign kicked off today with an advan tour of Edinburgh including Holyrood, Bute House and the Royal Mile displaying a series of striking images highlighting the major SNP failures, including flawed Gender and Hate Crime legislation, A9 and A96, Council cuts, LEZ’s, oil and Gas and NHS and proclaiming the “once in a generation” opportunity to vote them out.

Our campaign will include ten days of our advan touring all corners of Scotland in support of all three pro-UK parties, augmented by the distribution of 50,000 leaflets and social media advertising in key seats.

Allan Sutherland of Scotland Matters said “Since last October it’s been clear to us that, when the General Election is called,  not only will Labour, Conservatives Libdems retain their current 11 MPs, almost all the SNP-held seats where they came second can be won, especially if the vote isn’t split and people vote tactically for the party most likely to beat the SNP. Increased awareness of, and willingness to practice, tactical voting has been a big contributor to the SNP losing all 12 Council and one Parliamentary by-elections in the past 15 months“.

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