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Glasgow is filthy and kids are begging on the streets. A good look for the SNP before COP26

Please click the image below to read more: MOST folk think those phoney street fronts in old Western movies were just a ruse thought up by Hollywood set designers to fool punters in the cheap seats. In fact, what’s known as “western false front architecture” has its roots in real life. Historians of the Old […]

Revealed: ‘Shocking’ carbon footprint of COP26 venues – The Scotsman

Please click the image below to read more: Two flagship venues hosting the upcoming COP26 climate change summit have received the second lowest possible rating for energy efficiency, with work yet to commence on a raft of legally binding improvements issued by assessors in order to reduce CO2 emissions. The SEC Armadillo in Glasgow has […]

Glasgow and Lanarkshire worst Covid hotspots in Europe – STV news

Please click the link below to read more: Glasgow and Lanarkshire are the two worse hit corona hotspots in Europe, according to the World Health Organisation. The rate of Covid-19 cases per person in the two Scottish regions are significantly higher than elsewhere in the country, the United Kingdom and the continent. Lanarkshire’s seven-day rate […]


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