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A vote for the SNP would mean another wasted decade in Scotland – The Spectator

Sometimes, Westminster unwittingly makes quite a good case for Scottish independence. Britain’s Covid emergency has ended, but the damage of the last year is enormous: the knock-on effects of lockdown can be seen in NHS waiting lists, the devastated high street, the mental health backlog and the 20,000 pupils who are absent from the school […]

North Ayrshire COVID: Care home deaths in each facility finally revealed – Irvine Times

The number of people who died in every care home across Scotland has been revealed, showing for the first time the extent to which some of the most vulnerable in our society were affected by the virus. The data was released by the Crown Office and is available to view via an interactive dashboard. It […]

The SNP has abandoned the poor – ThinkScotland

The SNP has abandoned the poor THE SNP has abandoned any attempt at helping the poor in Scotland – now over a fifth of the population.  The SNP Government has failed to put any meaningful effort into addressing the underlying causes of poverty and as a result has a shameful record of rising poverty across […]


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