For the Constituency Candidate Vote (Lilac Ballot Paper), know the constituency you are in. Click here to check if you are unsure.

Then scroll down and look at the images below to check the appropriate regional group, constituency and then pro-UK party that has the best chance of beating the SNP on May the 6th in your constituency. (If your constituency is not listed it is because local issues meant we could not advise you).

In the Party ‘List’ vote (Peach ballot paper), vote for either the same party as your constituency vote or another pro-UK party.

[Please Note: This information is to help inform your decision in a complex situation. It is based on previous results and will not take into account the influence of political trends, party opinions, local issues or personalities. It is up to you whether you act on this simplified guidance or go to the bottom of the page to see some of the factors that may help you decide.]

[Other Considerations: If your region is already represented by a number of pro-UK list MP’s, be aware that because of the way the seat allocation based on the second vote is calculated, votes for the party of the candidate who won the Constituency vote receive less weighting. However, if second votes are given to a party other than the party of the recommended Constituency Candidate and that candidate does not win the seat, then that party may not get as many list seats in the region because of the way the calculation works. Be aware that because of the way the seat allocations are calculated, voting for one of the minor parties may have the effect of reducing the total number of Pro- UK MSPs. You decide based on your own local knowledge.]


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