Letters to the press, 21/06/22: “Nicola Sturgeon stated last week: ‘Independence does not guarantee a better future.’ Andrew Wilson has been stating for years: ‘Independence will be hard with no guarantee of success. In 2019 he said: ‘Independence would mean more, not less austerity.’ One question: why do they want to make life hard’ for the people of Scotland when there is no ‘guarantee’ of a better future?”

Letters to the press, 01/6/22: “Ian Blackford is in Cuba for a holiday. However, if he wanted to see a nation with crumbling infrastructure and an inflated public sector ruled by a single party with disastrously socialistic policies led by a long-serving leader who has mismanaged the economy, he could have stayed in Scotland.”

Scotland’s Census ‘shambles’ could result in ‘decades of injustice’, Labour warns – Daily Record

Scotland’s Census 2022: Even King Herod could run a census. Why can’t the SNP? – The Scotsman

Letters to the press, 04/05/22: Another fine Scot-nat mess, No cost-of-living help from SNP, Alcohol price mess-up, Hitting the skids on free bus passes.

Letters to the press, 02/05/22: “Angus Robertson MSP has blamed -recent world events” for more than a quarter of Scottish households not returning their census forms (Scotsman, 29 April). Yes, Angus, that’ll be it! Did anyone else have a Russian Spetsnaz trooper rappel into their home and scream “nyet, nyet” when you typed the first few letters of scot” into Google?