RMT attacks SNP MPs for ‘London union bosses’ jibe in ScotRail COP 26 dispute row – The Herald

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A RAIL union has attacked SNP MPs over “inflammatory” language while referring to its “London bosses” in calling on it to suspend a ScotRail strike ballot for action that would disrupt the COP 26 climate change conference in Glasgow in November.

Disruption to travellers has been threatened after the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) announced ScotRail staff were being consulted over potential strike action after being offered no pay increase.

The move comes on top of disruption to passengers in a separate RMT conductors’ dispute over payments for working on days off, which has seen the cancellation of many ScotRail trains on Sundays since March.

The union is balloting on taking action on dates that coincide with the summit, when world leaders will be in Glasgow.

ScotRail, which is run by Dutch state-owned transport firm Abellio, has been urging staff to come together to rebuild Scotland’s railways saying that a rise in industrial action is “completely wrong” for staff and customers as services become more increasingly used with the easing of lockdown.

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Glasgow is filthy and kids are begging on the streets. A good look for the SNP before COP26

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MOST folk think those phoney street fronts in old Western movies were just a ruse thought up by Hollywood set designers to fool punters in the cheap seats. In fact, what’s known as “western false front architecture” has its roots in real life.

Historians of the Old West say that when pioneers built settlements, and the first local dignitaries arrived, they’d erect a fake town to “project an image of stability and success”.

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Revealed: ‘Shocking’ carbon footprint of COP26 venues – The Scotsman

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Two flagship venues hosting the upcoming COP26 climate change summit have received the second lowest possible rating for energy efficiency, with work yet to commence on a raft of legally binding improvements issued by assessors in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

The SEC Armadillo in Glasgow has been graded F by inspectors, who said its owners should consider installing renewable energy sources as well as new insulation and lighting in order to curb its carbon footprint.

The SEC Centre, the sprawling conference venue which will form the epicentre of negotiations, also has an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of F. Assessors told its owners in 2012 they should consider investigating the use of low and zero carbon technologies.

Nine years on, neither it nor any of the other SEC properties have renewable energy sources installed. Cumulatively, the venues, chosen by the UK government for the summit, along with Glasgow Science Centre, are pumping around 6,659 tonnes of CO2 a year into the atmosphere.

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Thunberg: Scotland not a world leader on climate change – STV news

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Climate activist Greta Thunberg has said she does not believe Scotland is a world leader on climate change, as the Scottish Government claims.

The Swedish teenager said she has not yet decided whether she will travel to the global UN climate conference in Glasgow next month, but will do if it is “considered safe and democratic” – including ensuring participants from poorer countries are fully vaccinated and able to travel.

Questioned by BBC Scotland on whether Scotland is a world leader on climate change, she said: “No… I mean, there are some countries that do a bit more than certain others, but then if we look at it from a broader perspective then I think we can safely say there are no countries – at least in the global north – that are even doing close to what would be needed.”

Scotland’s climate change legislation includes a target to reach net zero by 2045, which the Scottish Government has said is “world-leading”.

The 18-year-old was also sceptical of the Scottish Government’s new powersharing deal with the Scottish Greens which will bring Green representatives into government for the first time in the UK.

Ms Thunberg told the broadcaster: “Of course there might be some politicians that are slightly less worse than others. That was very mean, but you get the point.

“It’s a hopeful sign that people want something that’s more ‘green’ – whatever ‘green’ means – but in order to solve this, we need to tackle this at a more systemic approach.”

Having returned to school after a year out leading young people in school strikes for climate change, Ms Thunberg said the conference falls in her school holidays, and if she does attend she plans to travel by train.

Nicola Sturgeon’s Green jobs academy branded a ‘sham’ – The Herald

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A FLAGSHIP SNP scheme to “help people secure work in the low carbon economy” has been branded a sham after it appeared to be little more than a jobs listing website.

Scottish Labour said the Green Jobs Workforce Academy, which was launched this week, was a “gobsmacking” example of rhetoric falling short of reality.

Announcing the Academy in December, Skills Minister Jamie Hepburn said it would help ensure people “have the right skills to support a just transition to a net zero economy”.

e said it would support “those who are facing redundancy to upskill and reskill so they can capitalise on green job opportunities as they emerge”.

Launching it on Monday, Nicola Sturgeon said the Academy was “an invaluable step in preparing our current and future workforce to seize the opportunities” of a just transition.

Glasgow ‘in no fit state’ to host COP26, claim councillors – STV news

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Cambo field: Nicola Sturgeon tells Boris Johnson to ‘reassess’ oil and gas plans but fails to oppose it – The Herald

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Sturgeon slammed over plans for ‘dirty’ oil field: ‘Can’t call yourself a climate leader!’ – Daily Express

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SNP Government slammed for splashing cash on ‘influencers’ for COP26 conference – Daily Record

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