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Letters to the press, 14/04/22: First Minister shouldn’t throw stones; she’s in her own greenhouse. Political point scoring. It’s up to the SNP to find extra NHS cash. Scottish Greens will work with you…unless they disagree with you.

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Letters to the press, 11/04/22: “Many are unaware the Scottish Government that has full autonomy over the NHS in Scotland but clap like performing seals when the First Minister deflects issues as the fault of Westminster. When they are driving around the traffic cones, barriers, temporary traffic lights and over the thousands of potholes on their way to the polling booth and perhaps think of how many drug deaths could have been avoided, food banks made extinct, littered streets cleaned and services supported with the millions squandered on malicious prosecutions, compensation pay-outs, pretendy foreign embassies and the ferry follies while reducing the shipbuilding pride of the Clyde to joke status”

Why Nicola Sturgeon’s approach to pandemic may have done little but damage our economy – The Scotsman