Letters to the press, 04/10/22: “Well done Nicola Sturgeon and all of the SNP cronies in turning a proud country into a third-world, banana-republic dictatorship. Shame on you all for putting the citizens of this country in peril while blithely pursuing your own selfish desires”

Letters to the press, 30/09/22: “The ferries fiasco rumbles on. Although neither ship has experienced choppy waters, the SNP appears to be heading into a heavy swell which may produce enough white water to engulf the First Minister and her motley crew”

Letters to the press, 28/09/22: “The Scottish Government has allowed the closure of local police offices by the formation of Police Scotland”

Surveying Scotland’s independence debate at a time of change – LSE

Letters to the press, 22/09/22: The UK as a whole displayed tremendous solidarity following the death of Her Majesty. Let us hope that such true British spirit will continue, and any further leanings towards a Scottish nationalist cause will disappear

How Truss should handle Scotland – Stephen Daisley

Letters to the press, 06/09/22: “Another indyref will need the support of 50% of all Scottish voters. This will ensure that such a radical move would require a clear majority in taking Scotland out of the UK.”