Scottish Greens fined £2300 for late delivery of annual accounts – Daily Record

Green MSPs walk out as Holyrood congratulates The Queen on Platinum Jubilee – Daily Record

Letters to the press, 04/05/22: Another fine Scot-nat mess, No cost-of-living help from SNP, Alcohol price mess-up, Hitting the skids on free bus passes.

Letters to the press, 02/05/22: “Angus Robertson MSP has blamed -recent world events” for more than a quarter of Scottish households not returning their census forms (Scotsman, 29 April). Yes, Angus, that’ll be it! Did anyone else have a Russian Spetsnaz trooper rappel into their home and scream “nyet, nyet” when you typed the first few letters of scot” into Google?

Letters to the press, 27/04/22: “One of Nicola Sturgeon’s arguments in defence of the Ferguson Ferry fiasco is that the £245 million spent in the seven years since the contract signing in 2015 saved 300 jobs. In fact, without this contract, the SNP could have used the £35m per year to employ 1,130 people on the national average wage of £31,128”

Letters to the press, 21/04/22: Ms Sturgeon has the most abysmal record of leading Scotland over the past seven years – the highest alcohol and drug deaths in Europe. Failed vanity projects like Prestwick, BiFab, Ferguson Marine, and Police Scotland, which has a financial black hole of £200 million. The failed Scottish Energy Company, the failed Scottish Stock Exchange and millions spent on setting up foreign “embassies”?

Letters to the press, 18/04/22: Nicola Sturgeon is asking people to vote for the SNP in the local authority elections to “send Boris a message”, but Boris Johnson is not responsible for your bins, your education, your planning, your parks, your verges, your pot-holes, your schools, your swimming pools, your libraries, your street lights, your social housing, your town halls, your council tax, your business rates or your social care.

Letters to the press, 14/04/22: First Minister shouldn’t throw stones; she’s in her own greenhouse. Political point scoring. It’s up to the SNP to find extra NHS cash. Scottish Greens will work with you…unless they disagree with you.