Letters to the press, 16/03/23: Humza Yousaf has been nothing but a politician since school

Thousands of Ukrainians in Scotland living in ‘inappropriate housing’ – Scottish Housing News

Letters to the press, 14/03/23: ‘If one thing has become clear since Nicola Sturgeon’s abrupt resignation, it is that the SNP has been a one-woman band’

Letters to the press,14/02/23: “SNP Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth has blamed the Russians for the lack of progress on dualing the A9 in the Highlands. Weren’t they also responsible for the low Census return rates last year?”

Scottish nationalists are playing into Russia’s hands as Vladimir Putin plots to break up Europe – The Scotsman

Letters to the press, 26/07/22: “I see Kate Forbes is once again demanding more money from Westminster. If Scotland were ever to become an independent country, where would Kate take the begging bowl then?”

Alex Salmond’s desk from Russia Today show being sold at auction as show ‘suspended’ amid war in Ukraine – The Sun

Letters to the press, 10/05/22: “Nicola Sturgeon urged voters to “Send Boris a message” and opinion polls forecast a 44% vote share. In fact, the SNP got 34%. Only 641,000 – one in seven – of Scotland’s 4.3m voters voted SNP. Scotland’s “message to Boris” is: Scexit has been eclipsed by Covid, economic crisis and war, and dogged by SNP incompetence, scandals and cover-ups. It is running out of steam and into the buffers of voter anger and apathy”