Naturally, the First Minister and her acolytes jump all over Boris Johnson, who has been fined for breaking lockdown rules over what seems to be a very minor “offence” of enjoy-ing a brief (allegedly ten minutes) drink with colleagues in Downing Street (his place of work) on his birthday. An event that I would guess he had little knowledge of until it happened. The predictable howls of anguish from the SNP calling for his resignation is unsurprising. However, might I just remind those in the SNP to look inwards a little to the past performance of their beloved First Minister. She states with regard to Boris Johnson that “The basic values of integrity and decency essential to the proper working of any Parlia-mentary democracy demand that he go”. However, Ms Sturgeon’s platitudes seem not to apply at home. It is only a short while ago that the Holyrood Parliamentary Committee investigating the mishandling of false allegations against Alex Salmond found that “Her [The First Minister] written evidence is, therefore, an inaccurate account of what happened and she has misled the committee on this matter”. Might I also suggest to this incompetent First Minister that she reflects on her demands and looks to apply them to herself. People in glass houses… Richard Allison, Edinburgh.