Keir Starmer has urged the SNP/Green Government to back new nuclear plants in Scotland.

The Labour leader, buoyed by polls showing his party leading the Tories at a UK level, called on Ministers to “seize” the opportunity of new energy jobs.

Nuclear is central to the UK Government’s strategy of reducing the country’s reliance on hostile powers like Russia for oil and gas.

However, none of the eight reactors will be based in Scotland after Nicola Sturgeon ’s administration expressed outright opposition.

Her Energy Secretary Michael Matheson warned new nuclear would be risky and expensive, adding that the SNP/ Green Government had “no intention” of taking any new developments forward.

Speaking ahead of a visit to Glasgow on Tuesday, Starmer said: “Both the SNP and the Tories need to get their act together when comes to dealing with the energy crisis.

“We need real investment in green and renewables jobs, not more broken promises.

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