Letters to the press, 20/05/22: When former principal teacher of social subjects Jenny Gilruth became transport minister in January she said it was an opportunity to “help Scotland become a world leader in achieving our goal to become net-zero by 2045″. I’m not sure if she was meaning carbon emissions or ScotRail journeys.”

Letters to the press, 17/05/22: “The Scottish Government urgently needs to change its direction. The fact is that the political parties supporting the Union received far more votes than the independence supporting ones in the recent election. This was true also in 2014, with a huge turnout and in reality, this has not changed ever since”

Letters to the press, 27/04/22: “One of Nicola Sturgeon’s arguments in defence of the Ferguson Ferry fiasco is that the £245 million spent in the seven years since the contract signing in 2015 saved 300 jobs. In fact, without this contract, the SNP could have used the £35m per year to employ 1,130 people on the national average wage of £31,128”

Letters to the press, 21/04/22: Ms Sturgeon has the most abysmal record of leading Scotland over the past seven years – the highest alcohol and drug deaths in Europe. Failed vanity projects like Prestwick, BiFab, Ferguson Marine, and Police Scotland, which has a financial black hole of £200 million. The failed Scottish Energy Company, the failed Scottish Stock Exchange and millions spent on setting up foreign “embassies”?

Letters to the press, 11/04/22: “Many are unaware the Scottish Government that has full autonomy over the NHS in Scotland but clap like performing seals when the First Minister deflects issues as the fault of Westminster. When they are driving around the traffic cones, barriers, temporary traffic lights and over the thousands of potholes on their way to the polling booth and perhaps think of how many drug deaths could have been avoided, food banks made extinct, littered streets cleaned and services supported with the millions squandered on malicious prosecutions, compensation pay-outs, pretendy foreign embassies and the ferry follies while reducing the shipbuilding pride of the Clyde to joke status”

Letters to the press, 05/04/22: Just how much more have the good folks of Scotland got to put up with from this feeble excuse for an administration, the political case of which is built entirely on historical emotion, and grievance against the UK? One thing they are good at is the adoption of the blame game – to quote that auld Scots expression: “It wisnae me”.

Letters to the press, 01/04/22: “Before 2014 I was largely comfortable in my identity; I was Scottish and British. In 2014 it was open to attack for the first time. The SNP has used every election, local and national, to campaign for another referendum where not only your political views are questioned, but your sense of identity as well.”

Letters to the press, 25/03/22: “When it comes to conceiving, ordering, commissioning and executing major projects, the SNP Government is all at sea. Unlike the ferries.”

Letters to the press, 17/03/22: “If the SNP want to keep alive their raison d’etre of Scottish separatism, their best course is to demonstrate how efficient, competent and honest devolved government in Scotland could be. They have failed signally, in almost 15 years, to do that.”

Letters to the press, 10/03/22: “An independent Scotland would be a weak enclave within the British Isles, with no defence facilities and a weak economy. It would surely be an easy target for any military invasion if the current crisis was to escalate”