Scottish Government warned about race row comic Janey Godley’s offensive tweets months before hiring her for Covid ads – The Sun

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THE Scottish Government hired race row comic Janey Godley for a TV health campaign despite being alerted to offensive tweets about Asian people in June, it has emerged.

Four Twitter posts were flagged up in a complaint three months ago, including two calling for people to “speak English”.

It came after Godley, 60, was booked for an anti-litter push between the Nats administration and the Zero Waste Scotland agency in May.

But the Scottish Government told a woman who complained that “due diligence” checks were carried out on the comedian and pro-indy activist — and that ministers could not “intervene” in her role.

An official added the complainer should contact cops if she had a hate crime to report.

Godley was later paid £12,000 of taxpayer cash to front the “Stop the Spike” Covid ads but was axed when posts about the disabled and black celebs came to light.

Tory MSP Russell Findlay called the latest revelation “staggering”.

He said: “The Scottish Government decided to hand an SNP- supporting comedian a large sum of public cash despite these vile posts being flagged directly with officials.

“This confirms the suspicion that there’s one rule for protected SNP cronies and another for the rest of us.

“Nicola Sturgeon must apologise immediately. Why were racist tweets ignored when awarding a lucrative contract for a crucial public health message in the fight against Covid?”

Labour MSP Foysol Choudhury said the tweets were “deeply troubling”.

But he added: “What raises more serious questions is the government’s response to this. The public deserve answers.”

Janey Godley apologises over ‘deeply hurtful’ tweets as it emerges she’s being paid £12k by taxpayers for Covid campaign – The Sun

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AN SNP-backing comic has made a grovelling apology over highly offensive tweets as it emerged she’s being paid £12,000 by taxpayers for a Covid social media campaign.

Janey Godley apologised for Twitter jokes using terms with language that mocks disabled people – including “spazzy” – after her lucrative deal with the Scottish Government sparked anger online.

The use of Ms Godley to front a pandemic health push also prompted controversy as she is seen as a “divisive” figure due to being a strident pro-indy political activist who has been involved in multiple online spats.

Critics also pointed to past tweets from Ms Godley where she made jokes using the word “mongo” and used “Chernobyl” repeatedly as an insult.

After her agent was approached by The Scottish Sun about the criticism, Ms Godley issued a statement on Wednesday – also posted online – where she apologised for past comments, but insisted some were faked.

The Scottish Government said Ms Godley was being paid £10,000 plus VAT for her work on a “multi-channel campaign” urging people to “stop the spike”.

In one 30-second ad posted on the Scottish Government’s official Twitter with the hashtag #StopTheSpike, Ms Godley appeals to Scots to do twice-weekly lateral flow tests.

The comedian says: “That’s Covid cases rising again, and we cannae just let this virus run riot like your gran in the supermarket reduced section.

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Scotland’s swamped contact tracers told to stop ringing people with Covid if two calls ring out amid virus surge – The Sun

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SWAMPED contact tracers are being told to stop chasing Covid-positive Scots if two calls ring out in four hours.

Backlogs caused by the recent virus spike, coupled with staff shortages, are pushing Scotland’s Test and Protect system to breaking point, according to one insider.

The whistleblower says the system is overwhelmed by surging infection rates, adding: “Cases are closed after two attempts.”

They say staff are now only able to do the “bare minimum” by ringing people with the bug twice before giving up and moving on.

And they told how — with new cases topping 7,000 last Sunday — flowcharts and scripts used by call handlers had been changed to get through jobs faster.

The insider claimed most positive cases in their late teens or early 20s who were successfully reached had been in a nightclub since venues reopened on August 9.

And they revealed “burnt out” workers are increasingly frustrated with the Scottish Government’s handling of the crisis.

Critics have demanded an overhaul of the contact tracing system amid claims it is “running on fumes”.

Alarm as one in eight Scots teachers in temporary jobs, according to new figures – The Sun

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ONE in eight Scots teachers is now in temporary posts, new figures reveal.

Some 6,259 out of 52,672 teachers were not on full-time contracts in 2020, as the 12 per cent tally was up from eight per cent reported in 2006.

Ministers faced calls to end the “damaging overuse” of “zero-hours” supply contracts after the stats emerged in a parly written question by Tory MSP Stephen Kerr.

He said: “It’s vital that young people have permanent teachers.

“We should not be asking teachers to plug gaps in our system by taking temporary jobs, leaving them unable to plan long term or get a mortgage.

Scots doctors’ leaders blast ‘worrying gaps’ in SNP’s NHS Covid recovery plan as Sturgeon vows to inject £1billion – Scottish Sun

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DOCTORS’ leaders hit out last night over “worrying gaps” in the SNP’s long-awaited NHS Covid recovery plan.

Nicola Sturgeon vowed to spend £1billion on improving care while tackling massive waiting lists and treatment backlogs through a 22 per cent increase in activity by 2026.

The blueprint, unveiled yesterday by the First Minister and her Health Secretary Humza Yousaf, promised to dramatically boost post-pandemic treatment numbers – but rivals claimed she had already broken a pre-election promise on increasing patient capacity.

Ms Sturgeon said the plan would drive the NHS recovery “beyond its pre-pandemic level”, with reinstating face-to-face GP appointments and cutting A&E visits urgent priorities.

But experts warned the 28-page document lacked detail – while one cancer charity suggested it was a “missed opportunity”.

BMA Scotland chair Dr Lewis Morrison said it failed to address recruitment challenges and said: “We cannot hope to deliver what is currently demanded of our NHS, let alone an extra ten per cent.

“Striving to meet this commitment is unrealistic without the staff to do it, and it risks driving existing staff harder.

Scots casualty departments record worst EVER performance for second straight week – The Sun

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CASUALTY departments have recorded their worst ever performance — for the second straight week.

More than 1,000 people waited over eight hours to be seen in the seven days to August 15 in Scotland.

Rival MSPs slammed Nats health chief Humza Yousaf as official stats showed just 76 per cent of patients were seen within the national four-hour target.

Key aide to Nicola Sturgeon slated for ordering probe into Union flags on Scotch beef during Covid pandemic – The Sun

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Pressure on NHS casts doubt on Nicola Sturgeon’s aim of clearing backlog – and blame lies squarely with her – The Sun

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Scotland’s shocking drug deaths rate is FIVE times worse than England & Wales – The Sun

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