Letters to the press, 29/06/22: “Ms Sturgeon demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of past and current economic circumstances. The problems, she says, are due to “Tory austerity” and Brexit. Where has she been these last few years? Has amnesia set in? I distinctly remember her invading our television sets day after day to give gloom and doom reports about, er, now what was it? Oh, yes, Covid…”

Letters to the Scottish press special, 23/06/22: IndyRef2 campaign started already

Letters to the press, 21/06/22: “Nicola Sturgeon stated last week: ‘Independence does not guarantee a better future.’ Andrew Wilson has been stating for years: ‘Independence will be hard with no guarantee of success. In 2019 he said: ‘Independence would mean more, not less austerity.’ One question: why do they want to make life hard’ for the people of Scotland when there is no ‘guarantee’ of a better future?”

Letters to the Scottish press special, 15/06/22: IndyRef2 – Here We Go Again

Letters to the press, 14/06/22: “Sir John Kay – sometime economics adviser to Alex Salmond – tells us in a new book that a separate Scotland “would begin independent life carrying a pro-rata share of UK debt in the region of £180 billion”. Scotland would also need to borrow, he adds, to cover its budget deficit of between £10bn and £20bn, every year. This raises a few points…”

Letters to the press, 09/6/22: “The much-vaunted alcohol pricing initiative of Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP, like so many other of their key projects, has been declared a failure. Those with severe dependency problems were apparently cutting back on food and nutrition in order to pay for their drink. It gives me no pleasure to say that many forecast this was exactly what would happen.”

Letters to the press, 07/6/22: “lf, as seems certain, there is no referendum next year, what will the SNP do with the £20 million of our taxes they have set aside for it? They could, I suppose, build another couple of pretend embassies, say in Outer Mongolia or the Sahara desert. Or fund some more jaunts overseas for their leading figures to grandstand.”

Letters to the press, 01/6/22: “Ian Blackford is in Cuba for a holiday. However, if he wanted to see a nation with crumbling infrastructure and an inflated public sector ruled by a single party with disastrously socialistic policies led by a long-serving leader who has mismanaged the economy, he could have stayed in Scotland.”

Letters to the press, 30/05/22: “In present-day Scotland, our Saltire flag is often defaced with political symbols that mean the display of any other flag is not tolerated and is shouted down. Such is the divisive nature of nationalism; within families, friends, neighbours and workmates, it is damaging, like a cancer that kills its host.”

Letters to the press, 26/05/22: “This week, Nicola Sturgeon became our longest-serving First Minister in Scotland, and what a glowing legacy she has created for us. She has launched more independence campaigns than ferries, at least once a year since 2014.”