AS many people in Scotland are well aware, Scottish Government decisions rarely, if ever, make much sense. The latest one being the increase in MUP (Minimum Unit Pricing) from 50p a unit of alcohol to 65p. I noted at the introduction of the first MUP scheme that the retailers and producers of alcohol reaped the benefit of this government-regulated pricing policy, and that absolutely no thought had been given to the health services gaining the extra money generated. So far, so Scottish Government. But this got me thinking about the ridiculous situation in Scotland where responsible drinkers are being penalised whilst the Government that introduced the policy actively wishes to assist drug users in being able to `shoot-up’ in regulated premises. Since when did the Scottish Government get into being a drug dealer? I don’t recall voting on that. Scotland is plagued with drugs and all the Government has in a way of a response is to actively assist users in obtaining their drugs of choice. Oh, and the producers and retail outlets still hold onto the extra profits from selling expensive alcohol. I hesitate to ask but will Holyrood be banning sales of alcohol on health grounds? No, I didn’t think so. Bryan Wright, Greenock, Renfrewshire.