Letters to the press, 18/04/22: Nicola Sturgeon is asking people to vote for the SNP in the local authority elections to “send Boris a message”, but Boris Johnson is not responsible for your bins, your education, your planning, your parks, your verges, your pot-holes, your schools, your swimming pools, your libraries, your street lights, your social housing, your town halls, your council tax, your business rates or your social care.

Letters to the press, 01/03/22: “if Scotland were to separate from the world’s fifth-largest economy it would be left defenceless”

Letters to the press, 24/02/22: Still no compelling economic case for independence. Do your job, Nicola. Vacuous hot air.

Letters to the press, 18/02/22: “So, having no indy plan, we have irritating arguments, to divert attention from important issues, but nothing of substance.”

Letters to the press, 10/01/22: “They blame Westminster for the lack of progress but the reality is the complete absence of an economic plan, talent, and ability within the ranks of SNP MSPs and MPs”

Letters to the press, 05/11/21: “Nicola Sturgeon has stated that Scotland and London have more to gain by “working together as partners. If only Scotland was already in some sort of longstanding, political, economic and social union, based in the British Isles”