SNP economics guru says party lacks ‘honest and clear’ prospectus for Indy

NICOLA Sturgeon’s economics guru has warned the party not to brush over the downsides and “hard work” of independence as it ramps up talk of another referendum. Andrew Wilson, who led the SNP’s Growth Commission, said the nationalists had yet to produce “a prospectus that is honest and clear about the transition, timings and trade-offs, as well as positive about its vision”.

Independence could cost Scotland’s economy £11bn a year, forecast suggests

Scotland’s economy would shrink by at least £11bn a year if it became independent, more than doubling the damaging impacts of Brexit, a team of economists has forecast. The report from the London School of Economics and City University of Hong Kong found that quitting the UK’s common market would hit the Scottish economy two to three times as hard as leaving the EU, just counting the impact on trade alone.

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