Salmond vows ‘day of reckoning’ as he sues Scottish government for £3m over harassment claims – The Independent

Sturgeon ‘misled parliament’ over role in Salmond investigation, committee finds – Sky News, 18/03/21

A Scottish parliamentary committee has concluded that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon misled parliament.

Sky News understands that Holyrood’s harassment committee has reached the conclusion by a majority vote ahead of the publication of its final report.

Members have decided that Ms Sturgeon misled the committee itself and, as such, misled parliament and potentially breached the ministerial code of conduct.

BBC examine 244 complaints over Sturgeon’s ‘inappropriate’ 11 minute commentary of Salmond affair in Covid briefing

Nicola Sturgeon Denies Entire Existence of Alex Salmond

Nicola Sturgeon is now denying the entire existence of her predecessor Alex Salmond in an attempt to save the SNP from further embarrassment. 

When questioned on this she responded: ‘I can categorically say that I have never seen this man in my life. I have absolutely no idea who he is. I don’t even think he was a member of the SNP, not that I can keep track of these things. You should ask my husband, he deals with membership enquiries’.

However, an image of the two of them together during the independence referendum in 2014 seemed to jog her memory. ‘Oh, yeah. I met him once. Big guy, liked golf if I remember correctly. Enjoyed swinging that club. Fed that young woman an ice lolly in Stirling. He did some contractor work for the SNP. Bit of public speaking. Contributed a few pages to ‘Scotland’s Future’, those sorts of things. That was all though. Why?’.  

On being shown evidence that she was, in fact, his deputy from 2007 – 2014 and her party owes the bulk of electoral success to the man, she tersely responded: ‘Look, I worked under him, er, I mean with him for a couple of years. So what. Apart from almost daily contact, deputising for him during absences, constant meetings, being considered his political protege, inevitable successor and taking his job in 2014, I barely knew him at all’. 

Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon accused of damaging Scotland’s institutions to ‘save her own skin’

Salmond and Sturgeon: What is the controversy all about?

Salmond and Sturgeon: What is the controversy all about?

Two of Scotland’s best known politicians are involved in a row which some people believe could force Nicola Sturgeon to quit as the country’s first minister. Who are Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon? The pair dominated Scottish politics for more than a decade, and led the campaign for Scotland to become independent from the UK.