Letters to the Press, 13/12/23: Language barrier, Gender reform bill, SNP different for the sake of it.

Letters to the press, 23/02/23: “What’s the point of Holyrood? Is it just an inane facade where our MSPs nod obediently because Twitter told them to?”

Letters to the press,14/02/23: “SNP Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth has blamed the Russians for the lack of progress on dualing the A9 in the Highlands. Weren’t they also responsible for the low Census return rates last year?”

Letters to the press, 29/11/22: “It was not the UK Government that raised the issue, it was your own party, knowing full well what the result would be. The constitution is a reserved matter, hence one can only think that this is yet another plank in the SNP policy of stoking up grievance”

Letters to the press, 22/11/22: ‘The SNP wants to make everything “free” Do the individuals who work in extractive and chemical industries work for nothing?’

Letters to the press, 11/11/22: “Our current crisis might have been avoided if SNP finances were being carefully nurtured but”free” hand-outs have created a monster that is beginning to bite back”

Letters to the press, 09/11/22: “Scotland deserves and needs a better government with a First Minister who is not on a full-time ego trip at the expense of the taxpayer”

Letters to the press, 05/08/22: Struggling with the cost of living in Glasgow? Pretend you’re a multinational media firm with $12 billion revenue.