Letters to the press, 01/6/22: “Ian Blackford is in Cuba for a holiday. However, if he wanted to see a nation with crumbling infrastructure and an inflated public sector ruled by a single party with disastrously socialistic policies led by a long-serving leader who has mismanaged the economy, he could have stayed in Scotland.”

Letters to the press, 13/05/22: SNP Westminster leader is an ‘English’ rose. Nicola would be better going on a ferry than going to the US. 800 extra GPs…in five years.

Letters to the press, 02/05/22: “Angus Robertson MSP has blamed -recent world events” for more than a quarter of Scottish households not returning their census forms (Scotsman, 29 April). Yes, Angus, that’ll be it! Did anyone else have a Russian Spetsnaz trooper rappel into their home and scream “nyet, nyet” when you typed the first few letters of -census.gov. scot” into Google?

Letters to the press, 01/04/22: “Before 2014 I was largely comfortable in my identity; I was Scottish and British. In 2014 it was open to attack for the first time. The SNP has used every election, local and national, to campaign for another referendum where not only your political views are questioned, but your sense of identity as well.”

Letters to the press, 26/01/22:  ‘I was in a queue of about four people waiting for a sausage roll in Glasgow at the weekend. Turned out I was in the middle of the “emergency” Under One Banner March’.

Letters to the press, 13/01/22: This is why we should stay in the UK. Indyref 2 by 2062. Swinney is the fall guy for Sturgeon.

Letters to the press, 10/01/22: “They blame Westminster for the lack of progress but the reality is the complete absence of an economic plan, talent, and ability within the ranks of SNP MSPs and MPs”

Letters to the press, 16/12/21: Who’s supplying the £100 million, Failure to think ahead, Has Sturgeon resigned yet?

Letters to the press, 08/12/21: “Why should we suffer because of a selfish minority – this is Scotland under the SNP”.

Letters to the press, 06/12/21: Arwen proved Indy would be a disaster. Did Sturgeon just blame 90’s band Steps? What about the ’20 minute’ community?