Letters to the Press, 01/05/24: Hapless Humza Didn’t See This Coming

Letters to the Press, 10/05/23: Continuity Chaos, Politics of Poison and Election Needed.

Letters to the press, 21/03/23: SNP implodes – letters special

Letters to the press, 30/05/22: “In present-day Scotland, our Saltire flag is often defaced with political symbols that mean the display of any other flag is not tolerated and is shouted down. Such is the divisive nature of nationalism; within families, friends, neighbours and workmates, it is damaging, like a cancer that kills its host.”

Letters to the press, 04/05/22: Another fine Scot-nat mess, No cost-of-living help from SNP, Alcohol price mess-up, Hitting the skids on free bus passes.

Letters to the press, 02/05/22: “Angus Robertson MSP has blamed -recent world events” for more than a quarter of Scottish households not returning their census forms (Scotsman, 29 April). Yes, Angus, that’ll be it! Did anyone else have a Russian Spetsnaz trooper rappel into their home and scream “nyet, nyet” when you typed the first few letters of -census.gov. scot” into Google?

Letters to the press, 11/04/22: “Many are unaware the Scottish Government that has full autonomy over the NHS in Scotland but clap like performing seals when the First Minister deflects issues as the fault of Westminster. When they are driving around the traffic cones, barriers, temporary traffic lights and over the thousands of potholes on their way to the polling booth and perhaps think of how many drug deaths could have been avoided, food banks made extinct, littered streets cleaned and services supported with the millions squandered on malicious prosecutions, compensation pay-outs, pretendy foreign embassies and the ferry follies while reducing the shipbuilding pride of the Clyde to joke status”