Letters to the press, 26/01/22:  ‘I was in a queue of about four people waiting for a sausage roll in Glasgow at the weekend. Turned out I was in the middle of the “emergency” Under One Banner March’.

Letters to the press, 21/01/22: “Constantly blaming Westminster is a convenient distraction for now, but these failures and others will not be forgotten come the May council elections. Defending a record like this on the doorstep will be rather difficult, especially since breaking up the UK does not provide convincing answers.”

Letters to the press, 18/01/22: You can’t compare Norway and Scotland. The SNP fears Rishi. Just wait until the SNP control Scotrail.

Academic warns Scottish Nationalism ‘seeping’ into education system -Daily Express

Parents told to only apply for free bus travel ‘if essential’ as flagship scheme hit by problems – Edinburgh Evening News

Nicola Sturgeon ‘to do everything in her power’ to hold second independence vote in 2023 – The Scotsman

Sturgeon is a ‘one-dimensional bore’ says former Labour minister Brian Wilson – Daily Express

‘Totally unacceptable’: Unions fume as £500k National Care Service contract given to consultancy giant – The Scotsman