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Letters to the press, 07/12/22: “Why is it that those who wish to destroy the UK are frightened to provide “the people of Scotland” with real facts and figures, the economic and financial details to show that Scots for generations will be better off in an independent country?”

Letters to the press, 18/11/22: “The SNP’s Emma Harper stuttered a scripted contribution in `Scots’, including the bewildering sentence: ‘The Scots leid is a michtie important pairt o Scotland’s cultural heirship, kythin in sang, poems and leeterature, and in ilkaday yaise in wir communities forby'”

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Letters to the press, 21/06/22: “Nicola Sturgeon stated last week: ‘Independence does not guarantee a better future.’ Andrew Wilson has been stating for years: ‘Independence will be hard with no guarantee of success. In 2019 he said: ‘Independence would mean more, not less austerity.’ One question: why do they want to make life hard’ for the people of Scotland when there is no ‘guarantee’ of a better future?”