Letters to the press, 21/06/22: “Nicola Sturgeon stated last week: ‘Independence does not guarantee a better future.’ Andrew Wilson has been stating for years: ‘Independence will be hard with no guarantee of success. In 2019 he said: ‘Independence would mean more, not less austerity.’ One question: why do they want to make life hard’ for the people of Scotland when there is no ‘guarantee’ of a better future?”

Letters to the press, 21/04/22: Ms Sturgeon has the most abysmal record of leading Scotland over the past seven years – the highest alcohol and drug deaths in Europe. Failed vanity projects like Prestwick, BiFab, Ferguson Marine, and Police Scotland, which has a financial black hole of £200 million. The failed Scottish Energy Company, the failed Scottish Stock Exchange and millions spent on setting up foreign “embassies”?

Letters to the press, 24/03/22: Sturgeon revealed for who she really is. Scots police cuts worsen anti-social behaviour. Ferries drowned at birth. Jobs threatened by SNP windfall tax.

Letters to the press, 15/03/22: Sturgeon’s easy virtue signalling. Incompetent SNP rule. Reality-free green zone in Scotland.

Letters to the press, 08/02/22: “The tenure of Ms Sturgeon has been woeful, dragging Scotland down and down. The Named Person Scheme, Hate Crime Bill, children lifestyle questionnaire, creation of a politically controlled police force are all examples of “authoritarian” control. It is time that supporters of independence listened…”

Letters to the press, 29/11/21: Nicola Sturgeon said she’s `not going anywhere’. At least she acknowledges her abysmal leadership of Scotland

Letters to the press, 30/08/21: SNP’s hypocrisy over referendum, SNP will bankrupt Scotland, Mutual damage.