No wonder Nicola Sturgeon bangs on about independence – everything else the SNP controls is a mess – The Telegraph

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The SNP’s attack on Ruth Davidson lays bare its nasty cynicism – The Telegraph

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Scotland’s move to shut largest vaccination centre ahead of COP26 branded ‘madness’ – The Telegraph

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Nearly half of violent criminals in Scotland are avoiding prison sentences, figures reveal – The Telegraph

Violent crime has surged in Scotland but more than half of those responsible are avoiding prison sentences, according to official figures published yesterday that prompted claims the SNP are letting them “off the hook.”…

Scotland’s education system weakest in UK, according to new report – The Telegraph

Scotland’s education system is the weakest performing in the UK, according to a detailed prosperity index published to be published today.

Loathing of the English unites Alba and the SNP in ahistorical self-pity – The Telegraph

The Alba Party released its first party political advertisement this week. And it was as enjoyable as you would have expected. For in it Alex Salmond’s new party showed its desire to go forward into the 21st century by going back to the 14th. The whole advert focused on Robert the Bruce. Indeed, to a background of pipe-music and soaring images of the Scottish mountain-scape, it pretended that the broadcast was actually delivered by Robert the Bruce, who has been summoned back from the dead to do voice-over work….

We are hurtling towards a Scottish Troubles

Just when we thought the situation in Scotland could not be any more toxic, we are confronted by Alex Salmond’s re-entry into politics with the inflammatory announcement that ‘peaceful street protests’ will form part of the strategy of the new nationalist front that has, in effect, been formed by the emergence of his new party, Alba, to fight alongside the SNP,