Letters to the press, 14/03/23: ‘If one thing has become clear since Nicola Sturgeon’s abrupt resignation, it is that the SNP has been a one-woman band’

Letters to the press, 07/02/23: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.’ For the sake of Scotland, let us hope history is repeating itself.”

Letters to the press, 25/01/23: “The UK Government couldn’t have picked a better issue or fight to begin a common-sense reset of devolution, expose the SNP Greens’ vulnerability and, well, stupidity”

Letters to the press, 04/01/23: “Neither Ms Sturgeon nor the SNP is in charge of the country under the existing arrangements. It’s the Greens that are calling the shots these days, whether it’s the moves to restrict cars from cities, the delays improving death-trap roads through the North of Scotland, setting up impractical bottle deposit schemes or the postponement of the abolition of Air Passenger Duty”

Letters to the press, 15/12/22: The SNP is not focused on education, health, transport, the economy and the things that matter to the public. “All we hear from it are empty promises — mealy-mouthed words which are meaningless”

Letters to the press, 22/11/22: ‘The SNP wants to make everything “free” Do the individuals who work in extractive and chemical industries work for nothing?’

Letters to the press, 11/11/22: “Our current crisis might have been avoided if SNP finances were being carefully nurtured but”free” hand-outs have created a monster that is beginning to bite back”

Letters to the press, 01/02/22: “While Helen of Troy had a face that could launch a thousand ships, yet again the SNP have proven themselves to be utterly incapable of launching what should have been a simple scheme…”

Letters to the press, 13/01/22: This is why we should stay in the UK. Indyref 2 by 2062. Swinney is the fall guy for Sturgeon.

Letters to the press, 02/11/21: “the SNP’s poor record on converting words into action, and its failure to meet its own environmental, alternative energy and green jobs targets thus far, does not inspire much confidence”