Alex Salmond has demanded answers from the Lord Advocate as to the reasons behind the Crown Office’s 11th-hour intervention around his evidence submission to the harassment complaints committee.

THE SNP is so deeply divided it needs a period in opposition to “sort itself out”, one of the leading authorities on the party has said.

THE SNP is to spend up to £600,000 on “referendum preparations” this year against the backdrop of the Covid pandemic and a gruelling economic…

The move could open the way for the former first minister to give evidence to the committee next week.

SCOTTISH councils have warned they still have a half a billion hole in their finances relating to the pandemic for next year’s budget.

Cherry: I wouldn’t have stood as MP had I known abuse I’d receive within SNP

JOANNA Cherry has said she would never have got involved in frontline politics had she known “the level of abuse and threats” she would receive from within her own party. The high-profile MP and QC was sacked from the SNP’s Westminster front bench earlier this month amid deepening divisions in the party.

Salmond and Sturgeon: What is the controversy all about?

Two of Scotland’s best known politicians are involved in a row which some people believe could force Nicola Sturgeon to quit as the country’s first minister. Who are Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon? The pair dominated Scottish politics for more than a decade, and led the campaign for Scotland to become independent from the UK.

Nicola Sturgeon is turning Scotland into a failed state – Reaction

When the government of a component nation of the United Kingdom provokes the headline in one of America’s leading journals “Scotland’s Government Slashes Away at Liberty”, it is cause for serious concern.

ALEX BELL: SNP has had 14 years of government but still failed to build a fairer society – The Courier

A kind reader wrote that my column two weeks ago on hopes of a better world to come from Covid was right, up until the point I dismiss John Swinney’s call for independence. Surely independence was exactly the kind of big change, leading to a fairer society, that the moment demanded, said Kevin Donnelly.

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