Employment in Scotland’s shipbuilding industry is experiencing a significant uptick, with naval work now directly employing over 7,000 people and providing more than 1,000 apprenticeships.

Recent data and statements from industry leaders underscore the sector’s growing contribution to job creation and skills development, reflecting a positive trend in Scotland’s maritime manufacturing.

In the earlier part of the decade, the industry supported 6,000 direct jobs, a figure that has since evolved to approximately 7,250 direct jobs. This change in employment levels is indicative of the industry’s response to strategic investments in capacity and capability enhancement.

Babcock currently have more than 180 apprentices and 3,500 people employed in Scotland, with these numbers only set to grow in the coming years with 1,000 new apprenticeships. In addition to this, Babcock has invested £35 million in a new digitally enabled build hall at its Rosyth facility, with the Venturer Building capable of housing two Type 31s frigates side by side for parallel build and assembly.

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