SHOULD the Scottish public (and I include independence supporters) still have any doubt as to how this discredited SNP administration wants to control all aspects of public life, then the proposals to oversee and regulate the independent judiciary should dispel that doubt. The SNP proposals to give ministers far-reaching powers to regulate the legal profession are Orwellian in nature and should cause huge concern to all. Humza Yousaf simply chooses to ignore the real concerns expressed by judges in the High Court of Justiciary, judges in the Court of Session and the Law Society of Scotland. I know whose views I respect. Treating these views with disdain as Mr Yousaf has done demonstrates his craving for control and in so doing, destroying the independence of the judiciary. The SNP has demonstrated its total inability to run any aspect of public services, but perhaps this proposed legislation should be the most concerning and every effort should be made to stop it becoming law. Richard Allison, Edinburgh.