Lean Gunn Barratt (Letters, January 29) is at it yet again saying, without a shred of evidence that Independence will solve Scotland’s problems. It’s as if the magic money tree has grown extra branches! She compares Scotland to countries such as Ireland where the wealth is driven entirely by low corporation tax which attracted many multinationals to use Ireland as their tax base. Contrast that with Scotland and the SNP’s high tax, low growth economy. Scotland needs growth in our economy to provide the jobs and the taxes needed to pay for those who need help, and for the NHS, Social Services, Fire, Police and Education. Scotland under the SNP has consistently grown its GDP at a lower level than the rest of the U K. Fifteen years of total failure. The last thing Scots need is independence and it would be a breath of fresh air if those in favour would just give us three or six months’ peace. That would be taxing for them, but hey – tax is their middle name.
B Barbour, Berwick Upon Tweed.