Scots are the gloomiest people in the UK when it comes to their views on public services, a new poll has suggested, with more than four out of five people unhappy with the state of roads in the country.

A new poll has suggested public services will be at the heart of the General Election in July.

The new research carried out this week by Ipsos shows that people across the UK are extremely pessimistic about the recent direction of public services – and people in Scotland are particularly peeved about the state of disrepair of roads.

A total of 84% of people in Scotland have said they are dissatisfied with road maintenance.

Only 5% of people said they were satisfied with the roads, while 10% said they were neither satisfied or dissatisfied, and 1% said they didn’t know enough to answer.

The remaining topics covered in the research relating to public service in Scotland included GPs, High Street quality, Libraries, the NHS, transport services, local leisure facilities and 13 other areas.

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