German channel ARTE put together a news package about independence, involving the All Under One Banner group as well as pro-union group Scotland Matters.

Scotland’s ongoing battle for independence has made German TV with Germans warning about the dangers of Scexit in response to the news piece.

Public broadcast channel ARTE posted an English version of their package which covers 2022 and includes interviews with both All Under One Banner and pro-union group Scotland Matters.

But the most interesting aspect of the video, which has almost 500,000 views on YouYube, is the reaction of Germans, with a number of them warning Scots about the dangers of leaving the union.

One commenter says: “will never happen Scotland would have to reorganize everything.” While another one adds: “The cost would be immense, but if you’re willing to put up with it, I’d welcome you. Economically, however, they would have to completely reposition themselves and get through hard times.”

Allan Sutherland, of Scotland Matters, and his wife, are featured heavily in the documentary as they outline their plans for their famous video van which has toured the likes of Aberdeen and Edinburgh to showcase Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP’s major failings.

He said: “The independence that has been proposed, and the build-up to it, and the activities of the SNP to get here, are not what Scotland needs. Independence has got to work, it’s got to be successful when it happens and they have not proved they can get that.

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