A Glasgow street has become “overrun” with rats, with binmen refusing to collect rubbish from the back court.

Residents on Earl Street in Scotstoun say they are being ignored by the council, with responsibility for the infestation being “passed along”.

The GMB Scotland union warned that it was a “severe health and safety crisis” for refuse workers.

Bins have been moved to the front of the street, but residents say they still see the rodents in their gardens.

Michelle Morton, who lives in a ground-floor flat with her husband and children, claims a rat even climbed in her window.

“I can’t shut my bathroom window because we have mould, and then the other week we had a rat climbing in,” said Mrs Morton.

“I see them every single day: really large rats and newborn, bald, baby rats.

“A couple of days ago I saw about 12 of them out the back, and I’ve seen them run along my front railing before too.”

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