Scotland Matters in The National

The National and an Australian organisation called INKL has published an article about a short piece on the Scotland Matters website by Stephen Bailey entitled “Reasons to be cheerful” which includes, among other points, the suggestion that Scottish Devolution should be abolished. The headline is a Unionist call for a General Election to be used to push the abolition of Holyrood.

Even though this does not represent the opinion of Scotland Matters (and we state this on the website), both articles are worth reading and we’re especially pleased that the INKL article acknowledges our leading our role in the 2021 Holyrood elections with the words, “The group [Scotland Matters] pushed tactical voting among anti-independence voters, a strategy which leading pollster Professor John Curtice has said contributed to the SNP not securing an overall majority”.

Our campaign was summarised by one of oue co-founders, Allan Sutherland, in a Think Scotland article entitled ‘Saddle the dogs’ – how Scotland Matters changed unionist campaigning.