Rishi Sunak has said Humza Yousaf has “very little to show” for being First Minister for nearly a year.

The Prime Minister argued the most memorable moments in Mr Yousaf’s short tenure have been Michael Matheson quitting over his £11,000 roaming charges bill and a comprehensive court defeat on Nicola Sturgeon’s self-ID gender laws.

He attacked Mr Yousaf for focusing on independence since he succeeded Ms Sturgeon in March last year, arguing it was a “distraction” from his domestic responsibilities such as schools and hospitals.

Writing in the programme for next week’s Scottish Tory conference in Aberdeen, Mr Sunak also lambasted the SNP and Labour for failing to support the North Sea oil and gas industry.

Tens of thousands of energy workers are employed in the North East of Scotland and the Tories are hoping to make gains in the area in the upcoming general election.

Industry leaders have reacted with hostility to Sir Keir Starmer’s plans to increase the North Sea windfall tax from 75 per cent to 78 per cent and extend it to 2029. Both the SNP and Labour have also expressed opposition to the licensing of new fields.

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