‘Education Not Separation, Tactical Vote Swinney Out’ Billboard

Scotland Matters has erected a Billboard in Dunkeld Road, Perth, PH51 5AP, in the heart of SNP Education Minister John Swinney’s constituency.

It depicts a female pupil pointing at a blackboard displaying the words  “Education not Separation, Tactical Vote Swinney Out”.

A spokesman for Scotland Matters said: “In 2015,  Nicola Sturgeon urged voters to judge her on her record in turning around Scottish education. Since then Scottish education has slid further down international rankings, thousands of teachers are leaving the profession, the attainment gap has got wider and the SNP has delayed the  OECD report on the state of Scottish education until after the election”.

“The Education Minister, John Swinney, should also be judged on his record and on May 6th and the voters of Perthshire North have an opportunity to do that by voting tactically for the pro-UK party with the best chance of beating him”.

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