‘Inverclyde Hospital Cuts’ Billboard

Scotland Matters has erected a billboard at Big Screen Port Glasgow, Auto-Tec, 5 Queen Street, Port Glasgow, PA14 5EF.

It shows Nicola Sturgeon wielding a giant pair of scissors in a re-enactment of her government’s cuts to services at Inverclyde Royal Hospital after promising to retain them.

Sturgeon misled the people of Inverclyde

In an interview with a local newspaper just before the 2016 Scottish Parliament Elections, Nicola Sturgeon assured readers and voters that removal of services would not happen. The last five years we have seen service after service cut from Inverclyde Royal and centralised.  

 Here’s what she said as she was photographed reclining on a sofa and browsing through a copy of the local paper;

“There is no substance to fears that have been expressed over the future of Inverclyde Royal Hospital. Understandably, there is sensitivity about services being centralised out of the hospital. There are no plans to centralise services out of Inverclyde. The reassurance I would give to people is that I understand all too well why this hospital is so important to people locally, and we value local provision of services.” 

Quote from Spokesperson for Inverclyde ‘Yes to the UK’ said

“We in Inverclyde remember Ms Sturgeon’s words of reassurance but now we know they were purely to secure votes for her candidate Stuart McMillan MSP. They have both stood by and said nothing as service after service has left the local hospital.

They have also ignored repeated warnings that investment in the fabric of the building itself was needed, resulting in it now being reputed to require in the region of £100 million in repairs. We will not forget this on 6th May.”

Quote from Scotland Matters 

“When the Inverclyde electorate vote on 6 May, they should remember Nicola Sturgeon’s empty promises on healthcare, education and other issues, and the one promise she may be forced to keep by Alex Salmond, the holding of an unwanted, divisive referendum.

The best way to get rid of the nationalists from Holyrood is to avoid splitting the pro-UK vote and use both votes for the pro-UK candidates most likely to beat the nationalist candidate.”

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