‘Job Creation Not Separation’ Billboard

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Tactical vote Sturgeon out.

Who erected the Glasgow South Side Billboard supporting Tactical Voting?

Scotland Matters – Scotland Matters is registered with the Electoral Commission as a non-party campaign group. Their objectives are to promote the benefits of Scotland being part of the UK, highlighting the issues of separation from the UK and to communicate this to Scotland’s voters.

Scotland Matters are working to encourage and help pro-UK parties to get the SNP/Greens out of Government in the 2021 Holyrood elections and are advocates of tactical voting to achieve this end.

More information on Scotland Matters is available on their website, https://www.scotlandmatters.co.uk

Contact details:

Tel: 07836 368030  

Email: info@scotlandmatters.co.uk

News Article

Anas Sarwar has announced he will contest the constituency of Glasgow South Side in the upcoming Holyrood election. The seat is currently held by the SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon.

This is the first time in British politics that two major party leaders have contested the same seat at any election.

Ms. Sturgeon and her party’s obsession with Independence, the turmoil within the SNP, issues surrounding the Salmond inquiry and now a real constituency challenge, Ms. Sturgeon will be fighting on many fronts and Scotland can’t, therefore, rely on her  to focus on recovery from this Pandemic

Quote from Scotland Matters:

This is the first of a series of billboards we will be erecting across Scotland in support of Unionist parties and their candidates, it can be seen on Pollokshaws Road in Glasgow.

Our billboard highlights to the people of Glasgow South Side the stark differences of the two candidates, Ms. Sturgeon who is only focused on the SNP’s obsession with Separation; and Mr. Sarwar’s focus is on bringing  Glasgow South Side and Scotland strongly out of this Pandemic.

Scotland needs to focus on what matters, Health, Jobs, Education, and Housing, not Separation and we urge voters across the country to vote tactically for the pro-UK candidates most likely to best the SNP/Green candidate and avoid splitting the vote.

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