‘Nothing Super About This Majority Puppet Show’ Billboard by Scotland Matters

Scotland Matters has erected billboards in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

They show Patrick Harvie, and Nicola Sturgeon being manipulated by the controlling ‘Puppet Master’, former First Minister, Alex Salmond and current leader of the Alba party.

A spokesman for Scotland Matters said: ‘The most recent billboard in our ongoing series sees three of the independence movements most ardent adherents strung together in an obsessive performance above Scotland, while the nations essential services, private businesses and critical infrastructure is neglected once again.’

‘Salmond, Sturgeon and Harvie’s mono-obsession with independence has kept Scotland stuck in limbo for what is now approaching a decade, while repeatedly treating the issues that all Scots want Holyrood to concentrate on as a mere puppet show: post-covid recovery, economic development, the NHS and the environment.

‘If pro-indy parties secure a majority on May the 6th all Scotland can look forward to is further division, decline and the constant threat of Scotland seceding from one of the worlds most successful and long-lasting unions with the other nations of the UK; thus why Scotland Matters supports tactical voting in the forthcoming election.’

The Billboards are at the following locations:

A82 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G81 3QW.
Seafield Road, Edinburgh, EH6 7LQ.
Market Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5PP.

Scotland Matters is an Electoral Commission registered campaign group. More information on Scotland Matters is available on their website at https://www.scotlandmatters.co.uk and they can be contacted on 07836 368030 or via email at info@scotlandmatters.co.uk

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