#ResignSturgeon Billboards

On Friday the 5th of March, The Majority, with the support of Scotland Matters, UK Union Voice and over 250 donors who contributed to a successful crowdfunding campaign, launched the #ResignSturgeon campaign, the first in a series leading up to the Scottish Elections on May 6th 2021.

The campaign started with:

  • Three digital billboards at the following locations:
    • Glasgow – Clydeside Expressway
    • Edinburgh – Slateford Road
    • Aberdeen – Market Street

A #ResignSturgeon banner was also towed behind an aeroplane flying over the Scottish Parliament and Glasgow City Centre on the same day.

The campaign message — #ResignSturgeon — is part of an ongoing grassroots hashtag campaign on Twitter that has had hundreds of thousands of retweets and responses and regularly appears on Twitter’s ‘trending’ lists of the social network’s most popular hashtags.

The campaign is funded in part by donations to a crowdfunder, run by The Majority, which has raised over £6500 to date. https://donorbox.org/billboard-campaign

Alan Sutherland from Scotland Matters said:

We call on the First Minister to do the right thing for Scotland: resign and let us focus on recovery from the pandemic. She has done great damage to our country and Parliament’s reputation, here and abroad, by conducting an undignified, very public dispute with her former SNP colleague, while preventing the Salmond enquiry from seeing evidence that is crucial to a proper investigation.

Mark Devlin of The Majority:

We represent the silent majority of people in Scotland, who are angry and frustrated by Nicola Sturgeon’s shenanigans bringing international shame on Scotland.

The Scottish public deserve a Parliament and First Minister above reproach and want the Scottish Government to focus on health, education, jobs and the pandemic. Instead we have a First Minister misleading parliament, breaking the ministerial code and withholding information from an inquiry into her government’s unlawful, unfair and biased actions against Alex Salmond, all while totally neglecting her day job.

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