The UK Union Voice is a pro-UK political page that covers mainstream Scottish political stories as well as main UK articles. It is anti-separatist but doesn’t support any one pro-UK party, but all parties opposed to separatism.

United Against Separation has nearly been liked by 100,000 people on Facebook and is still active to this day despite being set up in 2011 to support a ‘No’ vote. It is a grass-roots campaign, supporting Scotland’s place within the United Kingdom.

A Facebook page and Twitter account who’s primary aim is to urge its followers to vote tactically at the 2021 Holyrood election to defeat the mono-obsessive SNP. Good, regularly updated source of information.

YESNP, Brigadoon and Shortbread West. Hilarious, down to earth lampooning of the YES movement, as long as you can read ‘Scoddish’. As they say themselves: ‘ We’re about square sausage and bagpipes and FREEDOM! We achieve our aims by boycotting teacakes and the BBC. And by camping in inappropriate places’.

A page aimed at highlighting the inadequacies, inefficiencies and downright incompetence of the SNP led Scottish Government.

We are the 55% is somewhat of a pro-British counter to the ‘45%’ movement that arose hours after the independence referendum in 2014.


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