The Scotland Matters COP26 campaign

Our SNP MET ZERO campaign reached almost 1 million people on social media and arguably led the way in the push back on Nicola Sturgeon’s frenetic, virtue-signalling, selfie assault on  COP26 delegates.

Our thanks to everyone who donated £5,160 to our COP26 Fundraiser. Here is what we did with your money – plus some of our own reserves.

  • Emailed regular “SNP MET ZERO” update emails to 500 environmental journalists, activists, CEO’s and politicians during the conference.
  • Added new “MET ZERO” and “SNP FAIL” pages to our website with striking images hyperlinked to evidence.
  • An advan tour of Scotland displaying images from our MET ZERO page.
  • Commissioned the “Who put the lights out?” report, published in the Scotsman, Think Scotland, The Critic Magazine and that highlighted the dire consequences of independence on Scotland’s energy security; in particular, the lack of transmission infrastructure, reliance on wind and no connection to the National Grid. A big thanks to Brian Monteith and Paul Spare for their support and advice on this.
  • Our MET ZERO images featured heavily in  Leo Kearse’s Video lampooning the SNP’s environmental record. It’s had over 25,000 views on YouTube

How do we know our campaign was effective?

  • Over 500k Twitter shares and impressions.
  • Reached a Facebook audience of 448k Including 46k new people outside the “echo chamber”, using paid advertising.
  • 9,996 visits to our website during the 13 days of COP26 and an additional 89 subscribers to our weekly newsletter. In fact, with our combined web views and newsletter engagement, we have reached well over 250k people in the past two years.
  • We upset The National readers enough to suggest we use “dark” money to fund our activities. The Guardian and The Times also reported on this. We received an apology from The Times for factual inaccuracies that you can view by clicking here.