Nicola Sturgeon is poking her nose into Nato matters which are no concern of hers but gets her face in the media. Lorna Slater is demanding that Indyref 2 goes ahead or no doubt she and Patrick Harvie will not support the SNP in crucial votes. Meanwhile, job numbers in green industries are falling year on year, and 2,500 more wind turbines are planned for Scotland regardless of the opinions of locals or local councils. The underfunding of local councils by the SNP government, not West-minster as they like us to believe, is detrimental to the ability of councils to direct spending where most required. MSPs compare the atrocities and massacres in Ukraine to the cause for Scottish independence. It goes on and on. How much longer is Scotland going to put up with this dysfunctional, incompetent government? Ian Balloch, Grangemouth, Stirlingshire.