The Scottish Government has been slammed for not doing enough to protect the country against rising temperatures and sea levels, according to the UK’s leading, independent, climate change adviser.

Over the last 30 years, Scotland’s average temperature has increased by 0.50C, while winters are five per cent wetter and the sea level around the Scottish coast has increased by up to 3cm each decade.

A new report, ‘ Is Scotland Climate Ready?’, by the Climate Change Committee (CCC) has heavily criticised Nicola Sturgeon ‘s government for “stalling” in its efforts to protect people’s lives and infrastructure with future weather changes ahead.

The chair of CCC’s adaptation committee, Baroness Brown, said “action is not happening at the scale or pace required” and that Scotland needs to “up its game”.

The Scottish Government had set out its climate resilience efforts in the second Climate Change Adaptation Programme (SCCAP2), a five-year programme to prepare Scotland for future climate changes, but the CCC report said “much more needs to be done”.

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