Is the First Minister making an attempt to catch up with “Air Miles” Angus Robertson? He has announced a trip to New York next month for a “climate change event”. No doubt the FM will be bringing along a large entourage who all have to be housed in the best hotels, again at our expense. I venture that his presence could have been covered by a minor official from Britain’s New York Consulate, leaving Humza Yousaf free to tackle the mountain of problems we have at home. I am not against flying as such. Hard-working families, for example, deserve a break in a warmer clime — but the difference is, they do not normally make hypocritical statements about climate change and how our habits must change. Mr Yousaf’s flights will be churning out tons of carbon and making use of fossil fuel-powered aircraft for merely an ego trip at our expense, in every sense of the word. Alexander McKay, Edinburgh.