As reported by STV News, a recent survey of 804 GPs in Scotland reveals that only 14% feel they have sufficient access to mental health practitioners, raising concerns about the government’s commitment to mental health support and its impact on GP workloads.

The GPs were asked about what types of other professionals their practices had access to over the past three years.

Just 14% said they had sufficient access to mental health practitioners, while 13% said the same of urgent care staff and 29% said the same of pharmacy staff.

The survey assessed the first three years of reform that was carried out through the General Medical Services 2018 contract.

The Scottish Lib Dems accused the Scottish Government of breaking its commitments.

Party leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said: “My party worked so hard to persuade the Government of the importance of putting mental health practitioners into surgeries in every corner of Scotland.

“GPs were promised new colleagues to help lessen the load and improve the mental health care available.

“But, with Humza Yousaf as Health Secretary, the Government actually hit pause on its pledge to train and hire more staff. £50m was cut from mental health last winter.

“And the Royal College of GPs say commitments to expand local teams in the remainder of this Parliament won’t be met.”

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