All new NHS building projects in Scotland have been put on hold due to budget constraints, with at least a dozen schemes across the country to be delayed or paused for up to two years.

The Scottish Government has informed health boards that there is no money available for these construction projects. These include plans to build new hospitals, surgeries and a network of treatment centres.

The Government has said a new NHS infrastructure plan will be released in the spring, with maintenance issues being a priority for now, writes the Daily Record.

The Scottish Budget in December had to adjust to an estimated £1.5billion funding shortfall, with the biggest project facing delays being the network of 10 treatment centres across Scotland.

These centres were expected to carry out at least 40,000 additional surgeries, diagnostics and procedures per year until 2026.

New Health Secretary Neil Gray stated that these centres were part of his “overriding mission” to increase capacity in the NHS.

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