John Swinney has made a bright start as Scotland’s First Minister but defending his pal Michael Matheson seems a rare mis-step.

Matheson has tried to avoid scrutiny throughout the whole scandal of his £11,000 data roaming charges.

Most voters think that he broke the rules and tried to wriggle his way out of paying for it. He was more than happy for taxpayers to foot the bill until it caused a row.

He even tried to pretend that the iPad had only been used for parliamentary business. But eventually, the truth was dragged out of him and it emerged that the bill had been racked up by family members streaming football in Morocco.

He then took an age to stand down as a minister, only doing so when it became clear the investigation was going to put him in a bad light.

Matheson should count himself very lucky to get a month’s ban and two months’ wages docked. If he was a Westminster MP, he would be facing the sack.

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