Scotland Matters Council Election Campaign. We Won!!

Sturgeon Got a Message Across, Just Not The One She Intended

During the council election campaign, Nicola Sturgeon implored voters to “Send Boris a Message” and opinion polls forecast an “astonishing”  44% vote share.

There are 4.3m voters in Scotland. Only 641k – ONE IN SEVEN – voted SNP on Thursday. That’s 34% of actual votes cast.

That’s NO MANDATE for a referendum.

The Scexit movement, eclipsed by economic crisis and war and dogged by SNP incompetence, scandals and cover-ups is running out of steam and into the buffers of voter anger and apathy.

Our message to the Prime Minister is that “the Council election results show there is no appetite for independence”.

Our message for pro-UK parties is, “please up your game. Win back voters by producing deliverable policies on jobs, housing, education, health and social care, forensically expose all the wrongdoing and incompetence in Scotland – and start winning”.

It is also high time that BBC Scotland and STV BBC current affairs programs started to report the news and issues that their colleagues in print and social media do so much better.

Scotland Matters will be focused on highlighting SNP incompetence and wrongdoing, holding the Pro-UK parties’ feet to the fire, and using proper channels to expose the failures of the TV broadcasters.

Click here to see our ‘message to Boris” in the national press.

Click here to see our campaign in the national press.

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