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2022 Local Elections Campaign.

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  • The Single Transferrable Vote reduces the chance of the pro-UK vote being split. Only vote for the pro-UK party candidate, and rank them in order of preference.
  • SNP local government incompetence and failures – in schools, social care, potholes, the mess in Glasgow – are staring people in the face every day.
  • And although the election is about councils, it is easy to link this to Holyrood’s management to the NHS, ferries, Hate Crime Bill and Gender legislation.
  • The real danger of the vote being split is on the nationalist side. Green and Alba voters, frustrated by the SNP, may not give them their first preference vote.
  • So far we have reached 200,000 people. To win we must reach 1 million people. Please help us by sharing our material through social media, email and word of mouth.

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