Scotland risks ‘sliding into skills emergency’ unless more cash can be found for colleges – Glasgow Live

Letters to the press, 26/01/22:  ‘I was in a queue of about four people waiting for a sausage roll in Glasgow at the weekend. Turned out I was in the middle of the “emergency” Under One Banner March’.

Welcome to Fantasyland! The SNP’s travel review is a work of fiction Jules Verne would have been proud of – Daily Express

Nicola Sturgeon and SNP are being given a far too easy ride by Scotland’s broadcasters – The Scotsman

Letters to the press, 21/01/22: “Constantly blaming Westminster is a convenient distraction for now, but these failures and others will not be forgotten come the May council elections. Defending a record like this on the doorstep will be rather difficult, especially since breaking up the UK does not provide convincing answers.”